• Why should I sign up for web site?
    adonis.com is an online booking system for travel agencies, tour operators and wholesalers in all over the world. Our aim is to offer you the best services with the most competitive rates with last minute availability.

Product and Process

  • Can I get booking confirmation once I book?
    You will get the confirmation once you complete booking in the system.
  • Does the rate include all taxes and breakfast?
    The rates include all taxes except local or touristic taxes in some countries that the guest will have to pay directly to the hotel. adonis.com does not take any responsibility for these taxes. You are free to choose room only, bed & breakfast, half board etc. in the system.
  • Are all transfers and tours available in the system?
    In the system you may find only available tours and transfers. If the tour or transfer reaches to the maximum level, they are automatically removing from the system so you cannot see them anymore.
  • What is the cancellation deadline for bookings?
    Each hotel has its own cancellation policy so you should check the cancellation policy before completing the booking.
  • What is the maximum number of rooms that can be booked in web site?
    You may book 5 rooms (9 pax) maximum in one booking.
  • Can users of agencies change their passwords?
    Yes. We advise you to change passwords regularly for security purposes.
  • How can I get the confirmation voucher ?
    Confirmation voucher will be sent automatically to your e-mail address registered in the system.
  • Is hotel information available?
    In the search results click on the hotel name or photo. The hotel information along with hotel photos will then be displayed. The hotel information consists of full details such as hotel and location descriptions, contact details, hotel coordinations, room types and facilities etc.
  • How can I see my bookings?
    While clicking the Reservation button in the system, you can find all the bookings that you have done.
  • How can I see my bookings?
    When you click on “Reservation” button in the system, you can find your existing bookings.
  • Does web site keep history of all amendments and cancellations made?
    Yes. Click on "Booking History" and you will see the amendment and cancellation details. These include the date/time that the changes were made and the name of agent who made them.
  • What kind of «News" will I receive?
    adonis.com publishes news regarding system maintenance and new products and services on the news board to keep you updated with anything that may be of interest to you.


  • How can I pay for my bookings?
    We have three payment methods in the system.
    • Credit card or bank transfer
    • Deposit/Credit
    • If you click on «pay later» button, the system will give you a payment deadline. If you do not pay the total amount of the booking before the deadline, your booking will be cancelled automatically.
  • How can I follow my current deposit?
    Current credit balance is written on the right side of the main page.
  • How can I reach proforma and invoices?
    Proforma and invoices are listed on «Finance» part on the system.


  • For further information or comments regarding product and services please contact us. (09:00 - 18:00 GMT+2)
    Phone: +90 (212) 343 57 17
    Fax: +90 (212) 343 57 09
    E-mail: info@adonis.com
  • How can I meet you?
    You may visit us in our offices or international and local fairs which are listed under “Fairs” part on the website.